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Great Products, Quality Service and Hard Work is what we will do for you. 


Thank you LaserScript for providing such wonderful service to get us through another tax season.  You have always been there for us year round and we can not express how thankful we are to be a customer of yours.  Keep up the wonderful customer service and job!

Thanks again,


Robyn R Coleman

Dear LaserScipt,
This cartridge was refilled by one of your competators that I no longer use.  If this can be restored to YOUR quality please do so-  otherwise trash it.
Ron Savela
To: John and Staff,
Thanks for another tax season of exemplary support.
Have a great summer!
Stan Ash
I want to write and tell you how you made my day.  You had the basic good sense to do what was right, returned our check because of a fault in your product.  You got yourself a million dollars worth of customer confidence.  Please get me some of your business cards, that I can pass on to others with a personal testimonial.  We have been a customer for a long time, never had any reason to regret it.  Who knows what can come of this?
Best regards,
Earl Lapin
To Whom It May Concern,
I recently experienced printer problems and called your office with little time to spare in order to have my printer returned to operating condition.
Your technician was able to diagnose the problem over the telephone and stopped at my home office after leaving work to confirm his suspician.
He left my home with the printer and had it repaired by 9 p.m. the same night.
I am a Real Estate Appraiser and quite obviously quite busy now - LaserScript saved the day
Thank you LaserScript!!
Matthew J. Smith
Dear John,
The Copier is great!  Thanks for looking after us.
Ed Kernan
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I dropped off to your facility to be repaired a HP IIP approximately two weeks ago. You effected the repair quickly, courteously, and most importantly, correctly. The printer works as if new, and its almost ten years old! Thanks for a job well done!

Kindest Regards,
Robert Schulte, Esq.


Dear LaserScript,

Thank you so much for the speedy repair of our HP LaserJet IIP yesterday. I was convinced that customer service and immediate turn-around on repairs was a thing of the past! I stand corrected!

The printer appears to be working splendidly. It will be wonderful not to be fighting over one printer. I will be talking with our property person about providing funds to have routine pre3ventative maintenance service performed on our HP LaserJet IIIP very soon.

You have a very satisfied customer! Congradulations on a job very well done.

Lynda G. Piel
St. John Evangelical Luthern Church


Dear LaserScript Staff,

We would like to express our sincere thanks to you for your service. Your attention to our account is greatly appreciated. We look forward to the continuation of our business relationship and are glad to work with you and your company.

Linda Shook
Cat Deli
Tetra Tech, Inc.


Just a note to thank you for the prompt, efficient service your company has always afforded our office, and an additional "thank you" for the generous discount.

Rusty Lutes,
Office Manager
Wood Insurance


Dear LaserScript:

I'm a satified customer. I brought an old HP LaserJet to you after suffering untold agony, lost time, and expense at CompUSA. You had me back up and running in two days, and at a very reasonable charge.

Not long after, I received a Thank You note from you, which was icing on the cake. You've wiped the possibility of ever returning to a superstore for service completely from my mind.

Patrick Furness


Fast service, also will bring a cartridge in an emergency. Helpful when having problems with my laser printer.

Linda Lee Smith
McNeill & Baldwin, Inc.


Dear LaserScript:

I am writing to let you know how happy I was/am with your services. Before getting reffered to your company, I asked another printer repair shop to examine my HP LaserJet IIP. It had an Open 12 EP error message and I was assured that the shop could fix it for under $150. However, when the man from the other company came out to look at the printer, I was told that it would be $200 to fix, that I owed $80 for the visit and that I should just buy a used printer from them! Needless to say, I was appalled with such a bait and switch technique! The very next day I heard about LaserScript via a newsgroup on the internet. You were highly recommended, and I was soon to find out why.
From the moment I called, I received friendly, prompt, service. I spoke with your service technician and it was through the conversation with him that I felt safe enough to try one more time to get my printer fixed because I really like it (even though it is very old). The man that came to pick-up the printer arrived exactly on time, and this was even after I rescheduled my availability at the last minute. As told, I received a call the next day from the technician, informing me that it was the hypothesized switch that needed to be replaced AND, as I discovered later, the cost to get it fixed was less than the estimate over-the-phone price I had received previously. I could not have been more thrilled!

Again, as scheduled, (TO THE MINUTE), my printer arrived at my house in fine working order. It has not given me any problems since, but if it does I know just who I will take it to. In addition, I will forward your name to my friends because obviously not all printer repair shops are equal. Thanks for your kind and courteous service and thanks for my printer!


Naomi Dyer

I consider communication with the customer the most important aspect of service. I recieved a phone call within hours of when I dropped of the printer stating what was wrong with it and when it was expected to be fixed. LaserScript kept me informed of the repair status every step of the way. I was not upset when I was told the fuser unit was backordered because I knew why the delay occurred. When the part arrived, I was called. When the printer was fixed, I was called. The entire process, from start to finish, was handled exceptionally well by LaserScript. They are an example other service companies should try and emulate. I am pleased HP uses Laserscript as an authorized service provider and my experience with them solidifiesw my already very positive impresion of HP products and services.
David Fichter


Thank you so much for helping me with my printer this afternoon, you have no idea how much it was appreciated. I'm thankful it wasn't as big a deal as I thought!

Thanks for your help and I will recommend you. It's nice to know of people who work on printers.

Bobbie McAdams


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